Welcome to LA Minerals

Our Mineral Makeup Foundation is available in 3 distinct formulas

Valley Girl- matte, full coverage, great for acneic or oily skin
NoHoGlo- glowey, light coverage, great for normal to dry skin
Hollywood- natural finish, medium coverage, great for all skin types

With 16 shades in each formula, you're sure to find your mineral makeup holy grail!

What is the Best Mineral Makeup?

 Good question...and it depends on your skin, but also depends on the ingredients.

Our natural makeup formulas leave out irritants, like bismuth oxychloride, that are in most major brands (like Bare Minerals).

If you've found some mineral makeup makes your face itch, it's probably because of the bismuth.

We DO NOT USE this ingredient in ANY of our natural mineral makeup formulas.

Looking for the best mineral makeup?

While everyone's skin is different, we left out common irritants like Bismuth oxychloride. It's in Bare Minerals and many other mineral makeup brands.

At LA Minerals you'll find that our natural makeup applies like silk, lasts all day, and pampers and soothes your face.

What makes us different?

  • Family Owned Business - that means your makeup is made in small, fresh batches, with personable quality control and personable customer service
  • Registered with the FDA - the FDA regulates the cosmetic industry, yet it is OPTIONAL to register with them. We have registered, and comply with all FDA regulations and recommended manufacturing processes. 
  • Free Makeup - how often do you see that offer? Check back often to see what's free with your order
  • Our Ingredients - we use PREMIUM grade minerals. I bet you didn't know that there a zillion types of sericite mica (the most common mineral base). We use treated Sericite Mica, so your makeup goes on smoother, and lasts longer, and just looks amazing
  • We Ship Globally - many companies won't ship globally because of the high prices via UPS or FedEx, and no reasonable cost for delivery verification via USPS. We take that risk and deliver around the world for about $10 (most orders). In 7 years shipping globally we've only had about 5 orders go missing.

TIP: Mineral makeup is best applied with a kabuki brush. Rounded type for a light coverage. Flat Top kabuki for full coverage mineral foundation application.

TIP: NoHoGlo will leave you with a Bare Minerals type of Glowey finish, but without the itching! Apply it with our flat top kabuki brush for the best effect.

TIP: For best application of Mineral Makeup, tap out a bit of mineral foundation, swirl your brush in the lid, tap it, then apply in a circular motion.